It’s not a problem to fall in love, but supporting the relationships is far more difficult. All relationships need a constant care from both partners and it’s no surprise that both of them have to work hard.

Of course, there is no reason for leaving. You have to look for the new ways to return the feelings to your relationships. The couple has to do a new step to a more intimate level. Striptease may become the step that brings the passion back. It may allow wake up your partner’s sleeping passion and show his real face. Of course, we can’t talk about the professional striptease, because it requires certain skills and it is quite difficult. But you can always visit dance courses, where you can learn the basics of a strip plastic.

There are 10 rules of strip for a girl who decided to practice it.
1. Take care of a strip atmosphere. It must be based on the dim lights and quiet romantic music.
2. The clothing. You have to choose an outfit that allows you to undress easily. For example, if you have no sexual dress, you can put your boyfriend’s shirt and a tie. You can also grab a black hat.
3. Prepare yourself. Use perfumes, make a nice haircut and makeup, put on a sexy underwear and don’t forget about high heels.
4. You have to think over the whole dance because it will be very funny if you don’t know what to do next. We recommend you to locate your sweetheart in the center of the room and dance around him.
5. Start moving slowly with the smooth movements of your hips.
6. Don’t keep your arms along your legs, it’s not erotic. Instead, use your hands to stroke a partner during the dance.
7. Try to undress slowly but it’s not necessary to make the dance deliberately longer.
8. Strip dance is all about the look. You have to look straight into his eyes but try to do it calmly and softly.
9. When it comes to clothes, it is preferable to remove the tie slowly and then turn back to removing the shirt. You can turn to your partner, when you are almost naked and keep dancing. It’s not necessary to take off your panties. Try to pay more attention on touching your partner.
10. Finally, don’t let your partner touch you. You can completely surrender to the feelings when the music is over. It will also be nice to drink some champagne or red wine that helps to relax and enjoy each other.