1. Avtar Singh

This man wears a huge traditional Punjabi turban called “pagdi” every day. The item weighs 45 kilograms and is made up of 645 meters of fabric. 60-year-old Indian regularly carries it over the past 16 years even despite the fact the winding of turban takes six hours each day.

2. Tai Ngoc

64-year-old Thai Ngoc does not sleep for 35 consecutive years. He stopped sleeping after being ill in 1973 with the flu. As you know, most people may go crazy or die without sleeping. In case of Tai, insomnia has no impact on his health absolutely. Now he just can do more useful things during the day.

3. Kalim

Each hand of the 8-year-old Kalim weighs 8 kilograms and reaches a length of 33 centimeters – from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger. Kalim is unable to do many simple things that the boys of his age easily do. His parents earn just $ 22 per month and are desperately trying to find any help for his son, but to no avail. Even the doctors who would like to help him, do not know how to do it.

4. Jen Bricker

American girl Jen Bricker was born without legs due to a genetic malfunction. Parents abandoned her and the girl was adopted by another couple. When the parents found out about the dream of a girl to become a gymnast, they decided to visit school sport lessons. It was the right decision that gave Jen a victory but also opened up the mystery of her birth. Like many novice gymnasts, she idolized the American athlete Dominique Helena Mosin Canales who won the gold medal at the 1996 Olympic Games. “You would not believe it, but your real name was Mosin”, the foster mother once confessed and showed her the documents. It turned out that the champion Dominique is Jane’s sister. It seems that gymnastics has been in her blood. Perhaps this helped the girl to succeed.

5. Mehran Karimi Nasseri

Mehran Karimi Nasseri is a refugee from Iran who lived for 20 years in Paris airport waiting room. He came to France after the tortures in the Iran prison. He tried to get a political asylum in different European countries but his request was declined. The problem is that Mehran has no documents because they were stolen. A man tried to leave France and move to another countries but local control asked for documents and transferred him back to the French airport.

6. Ting Hiafen

This girl looks like a porn star but actually she is an ordinary girl from Chang village. Her breasts began to grow when she was 14 and caused lots of inconveniences and troubles. Now the weight of each breast is over 10 kg and they hang for 48 sm. However, she does not try to reduce them at all. Instead, she takes part in various programs and shows that allow her to earn money. Read more about the biggest natural breast in the World.

7. Katie Young

Katie Young is the owner of the thinnest waist in the world whose achievement is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Katie’s waist is just 38.1 cm. It all started with the envy to Barbie dolls’ waist and being 22 years old Katie discovered a corset which she wears for about 30 years.

8. Jyoti Amge

Jyoti Amge is the smallest woman in the world. Her height is only 63 cm. But the Indian didn’t beat the record of Pauline Masters from the Netherlands. Masters was born in 1876 and had only 59 cm of height.

9. Supatra Sazufan

Supatra suffers hypertrichosis, a very rare disease that makes a hair grow all over the body and face of a person. The girl’s hair becomes even thicker as she grows. There is no treatment for this disorder. A family tried to stop hair growth with lazer technologies but it did not help.

10. Doug Sousse

Doug Sousse is one of the most famous trainers of grizzly bears on the planet. He is the only one person who can train bears at home. Doug lives in Heber City, Utah, with his wife and they tamed several bears in their rancho. Grizzly bear became real Hollywood stars that had shared film scenes with Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Eddie Murphy.