American photographer Timothy Archibald published his book about sex machines in 2005. It contains pictures of devices and short stories about how they were made in garages, workrooms, etc. These machines are mainly used by the inventors or their friends. Let’s review 15 most famous samples of the garage sex engineering in more detail.

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1. The first machine has to be used by both partners at once. That’s why an inventor called it “Two to Tango”. A bicycle frame and crank mechanisms were used to create it. These parts were just lying separately and suddenly creator understood that they can make a basis for the sex machine. The project was over in a year and the main problem was to find a tester. Unfortunately, an inventor had no girlfriend at that moment, so it took pretty much time before someone got a pleasure from this “Tango”.

2. Another inventor from California presented his device to his wife. The main goal was to make a machine that would be discreet, attractive and silent. An appropriate design was another important challenge. The creator believed it had to prompt women to try the machine. The first model was made for his wife just for fun. In fact, a couple had a normal sexual life but nevertheless it was interesting for the inventor to make something mechanical and sexual. Well, that’s all the men are thinking about. The machine is not huge; it has a handle to control the process comfortably.

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3. This guy made the device for his wife who dreamed about trying sex with two partners. As appeared later, the guy was not ready for such sexual experiments but he had enough talent to make a mechanic dildo. So he dressed the robot as a real man and made a robot for the sexual games. The device really turns a woman on, so she often uses it. The creator uses the equipment to deliver plenty of pleasure to his wife and she even has enough time to make an oral performing for her husband. Electric drill is a characteristic feature of the machine’s construction.

4. The inventor from Louisiana believes that his Hide-a-Cock should become a must-have device in every house. He sells about 30 devices every week. Married guys as well as couples that live all over the US are his main buyers. The moving element of the machine may be changed. King Kong dildo is the most popular among the men, while women prefer small ones. The inventor is grateful for every couple that is ready to share their sex secrets, since they contribute to the creation of a perfect sex machine.

5. Another machine looks like the one from the future. It has a special form, so women can have a pleasure without additional assistance. The device is safe, disease-free and can work until a woman gets a full satisfaction.