1. Extreme Sports

American psychologists introduced an amazing method of dealing with a severe depression. Instead of a prolonged treatment in a clinic, they advised their particularly depressed patients to do things they were afraid even of thinking about. For example, to jump with a parachute. Severe stress and euphoria that comes afterwards turned out to be a more effective psychiatric treatment with a more durable effect. Certainly, the domestic official medicine doesn’t accept an idea of risking the patient’s life or making him do any dangerous things. The doctors are more likely to be prescribe some medicines. But the American way of dealing with depression has a certain sense. The humanity of our days has got used to a sedentary lifestyle and even a distance of 20 m is covered by car in many cases. Such shake is really able to awaken the dormant vitality and seems to be a radical method that helps cope with the prolonged depression.

2. Image change

It frequently happens that other people impose on us their own image and vision of the world. For example, for over a thousand years human society considered undeniable a statement that the place of women was in the kitchen and men have no right to show their weakness. However, the imposed role or the image contrary to the inner world of a person is able to plunge this person into a deep depression. That’s why, if the apathy, pessimism and unwillingness to live develop gradually, year after year, and common ways of overcoming the depression does not work, it is worth trying to turn the life upside down. First of all, it’s necessary to get rid of useless stereotypes. To do this, you can either arrange a consultation with an image-maker or simply listen to your own personal feelings and preferences more carefully. Psychologists usually advise to take a sheet of paper and try to draw a successful person, neatly dressed, with detailed accessories and an appropriate style. This will be the image you are looking for because in such a way any person always draws his own psychological portrait.

3. New exotic hobby

A new exotic hobby is an excellent, though a bit unusual way to get rid of depression and a feeling of hopelessness. It may be pictures on fruits, beadwork, underwater excursions or anything that brings you fun. Positive emotions help to distract and cope with depression, while a little-known attractive hobby adds an original flair to your image.

4. Cardio exercises

Cardio exercises include dancing, running and other sports exercises performing which you need to control your pace and movements. They are incredibly useful for your nervous system. When the control of body movements is enhanced, the connection between the brain and muscles increases and becomes more complicated, while the cerebral cortex responsible for tactile sensation and tone develops very actively. As a result, your own body is realized and felt much better and the load on the muscles leads to the development of a special hormone of happiness. That is why restless children are always in a good mood. Even if you have no time to visit a fitness hall, it is possible to train jumping rope exercises and still experience a positive effect.

5. Long-distance trip

When the situation is almost hopeless and medical treatment brings no relief, you can try to have a rest as far from your residence place as possible. Sometimes the change of climate may be vitally important. Some people have a white skin and fair hair, while others tolerate heat well, so the same climate may be favorable not for all types of people. If the location is simply not suitable for health reasons, the chronic malaise as the reaction on it can easily trigger depression that may become deep over the years.