Both man and woman do not behave deliberately in a special way to make all the sympathy evaporate. Of course, such sad outcome is a result of ignorance. Let’s try to understand why it happens.

Seven things a girl shouldn’t do during a first date

1. The girl should remember that she shouldn’t do anything to anyone during the first date.

2. Girls don’t bring flowers to the first date.

3. If you are late for another date, do not show it too openly.

4. Don’t mix alcohol drinks.

5. Do not comb your hair on the backseat of his car. It is long to explain, just believe and do not do it.

6. Don’t agree immediately no matter what you’ve been offered. Even if he offered you marry him, don’t agree right now. Otherwise, you risk create an image of the available girl which is ready to everything.

7. You should not start the score of broken years during the first date.

Seven things a guy shouldn’t do during a first date

1. Children. Do not make them on your first date.

2. It is not necessary to ask the girl what kind of day (good or bad) she had today.

3. Don’t ask a girl’s name on a first date. You should already know it by that time.

4. It is unacceptable to smoke on the girl’s face.

5. Do not bring your mom to the first date. Better let her observe you from around the corner of the building.

6. Do not call her with tender words like “baby”, “dear”, “my sweet”, etc.

7. A young man shouldn’t cry during the first date.