Unfortunately, the number of inexperienced lovers is far surpassing the number of the really skillful ones. So it’s better to determine at once whether the man is worthy to have sex with. We prepared a ranking of 7 types of guys you should better avoid, if you don’t want to get disappointed after everything is over.

Type 1 – Young boys

How many young boys pretend to be adult and super experienced lovers! Unfortunately, you’ll never experience a breathtaking sex with the boys who barely know how to kiss a woman in a right way. Sex with such partner comes to the end so quickly that you won’t even realize what happened. Sexual hyper arousal from the very thought that he managed to seduce a woman is so high that the orgasm comes in a minute or two. To be honest, it’s impossible for a young boy to be a skillful lover if all his sexual experience consists of watching porn movies and kissing girls now and then.