One day you may find yourself tired from your partner or you may want to stay alone for a week or so. It doesn’t mean you stopped loving your partner. You simply feel your emotions aren’t as bright and vivid as they were at the beginning of your relationship. If you decided to fall in love with your partner once again, here are 8 easy tricks you can always try to make love butterflies return to your stomach.

1. Do Risky Affairs

The scientists have proved long ago that chemical substances that appear in your organism when you experience danger are much like those released during sex activity. Supporting each other, for example, during sky diving refresh your tender feelings.

2. Have a Good Sex as Often as Possible

When partners experience any difficulties in their mutual life, they automatically have less sex. More energy is spent on solving the problems. It’s a frightful blunder since sex is a perfect way to stay emotionally and physically closer to each other, thus improving the relations. We can say that a good sex facilitates the partners a task to achieve emotional harmony.

3. Touch Your Partner

You can do it in a variety of ways. Cuddling, holding hands while walking, kissing when you go somewhere or fell asleep – all this is applicable. You may invent your own specific kinds of touching that will have a certain meaning only for you and your sweetheart. Psychologists claim that touching is the activity that helps people survive in the environment and perhaps they’re right.

4. Arrange a Long Journey

Plan a long journey together. If you can travel by car, it’s a wonderful option. Travelling with your partner for a long time, you have a chance to open up and fairly discuss your relationships. You are far from your daily routine and no one interrupts you all the time. That means you spend more time together and can concentrate on renewing the lost closeness.

5. Smile, Smile and Smile

Smile is a universal instrument that shows your positive attitude and love in particular. A lot of people look so beautiful when smiling! Perhaps, you are one of them? Don’t wait for an occasion to smile at your partner. Do it whenever you want and without any reason.

6. Develop Your Friendship

It’s fantastic to marry your best friend. If your love grew from friendship, you are a very lucky person. Let your friendship grow further and evolve. Your romantic feelings will be largely strengthened by such activities as dancing, sharing memories, trying new experiences, strolling together and just having fun.

7. Listen to the Experts

Modern psychological therapy for couples is an incredibly effective instrument you can always make use of. An experienced therapist can demonstrate the best ways of communicating with each other, show how to express your desires and needs, teach you an art of finding compromises and recommend you a lot of other useful things.

8. Don’t Ignore Your Childhood

Each of us has its own skeleton in the cupboard. It’s not a rare phenomenon when almost forgotten traumas in a childhood prevent adult people from building and maintaining strong links with their sweethearts. If you feel like something bothers you all the time, it will be better to visit a behavioral therapist and clear the situation.