Each of us understands that the skills of deliberate forgetting of doing the right things complicate our lives greatly. Some really important things are done too late, while the others are never done at all. Similarly, numerous creative plans remain at the planning stage and never come to life. People always find excuses why it’s impossible to do something right now. Although the truth is obvious: laziness combined with a long-standing habit of hoping that the problem will resolve itself, contribute largely to the situation. Life is like running in circles and behind a pile of postponed actions it’s unclear where you are at the moment and where you should go. Gradually you come to a sad conclusion that procrastination has turned into a significant problem that must be solved immediately, because it exerts a substantial impact on the quality of your life.

We wrote this article in a hope to help those people who are at the very beginning of their way to perfection. Here are 9 life hacks you may find worth putting into practice.

Life hack #1

You spend more time and energy on negative thoughts about an unfulfilled business than on doing this very business. There are some extremely unpleasant things you tend to ignore until the situation finally comes to a standstill. However, these things have to be done anyway. But the valuable time is already lost and here comes the feeling of guilt and anger for being so weak that keeps you in a prolonged tension. For some people phone calls are a perfect example of such unpleasant things. Try to convince yourself that one phone call can easily solve the problem or move the whole business to the next stage.

Life hack # 2

Non-urgent matters, which are not so important to do them immediately, are commonly postponed until the free time for their fulfillment appears. It is clear that the free time never comes and the problems still wait to be solved. In such case we have a good advice for you. Look around your workplace or apartment or any other place where your life passes and make a list of 101 matters to do. Keep this list in a prominent place, gradually doing businesses you enumerated in it. If you act this way, there is a chance that one day a turn for small non-urgent matters will come.

Life hack # 3

There is no need to wait for ideal conditions in order to do something. How often people do not start implementing the idea because they are still not ready. They invent various explanations like there is no material or time, or the inspiration has gone, or the child is ill, etc. People always want to do the work in such a way to have the result close to perfection. So they are waiting for the magical coincidence of all the factors, which never comes for some reason. Our advice is that you should undoubtedly strive for excellence, but sometimes it is better to do a good job than to do nothing at all.

Life hack # 4

A lot of people want to get rid of the habit of doing everything at the last minute. Over the years comes an understanding that the favorite phrase of many people – “I work more efficiently under pressure, when the deadline is close” – is nothing but a justification of their own disorganization. Of course, in a situation when everything may be lost in a single moment, people mobilize all available resources and work as fast as possible. But such emotional and physical shake-up no longer provides you with the feeling of drive and fullness of life. On the contrary, you end up with fatigue, disappointment and yet another promise that next time you’ll do everything the other way.

Life hack # 5

Frequently we postpone important matters, because we are afraid of something. It can be fear of the unknown, fear of condemnation, fear of making a mistake, fear of success, fear of change, fear of great responsibility, fear of experiencing negative emotions, fear of rejection, fear of making the wrong decision, etc. To defeat your fears, you have to ask yourself two simple questions. First: what am I afraid of? To give a name to your fear and say it out loud means to remove half of his power. And the second: what will happen if my worst fears come true? Most likely, you’ll feel upset and your self-esteem will fall very low. But will you be able to survive the situation and move further? Yes, certainly. So don’t be afraid of your fears, only a very small number of them will come true.

Life hack # 6

Another reason of procrastination sounds like I want to do everything, so I do nothing. This means that you may have enough enthusiasm for ten businesses, but numerous organizational issues demotivate you. In such cases do not undertake several projects simultaneously, instead determine the one of a top priority at the moment. As practice shows, the hardest thing is not to start a business, but to bring it to the end. All you need is a clear plan of action, set out in a written form, in which all stages and terms are precisely determined. If you stick to the plan, implementing it step by step, the project is more likely to be completed in the nearest future and you will be able to move on to the next task with a sense of satisfaction.

Life hack # 7

The universal advice to write everything down and create to-do lists really works. An overwhelming majority of people do not complain about their memory and are really able to keep their monthly schedule in their head. But fixing all the upcoming events in the calendar allows you to see your life in the future. A simple list of businesses sets the direction of the movement and makes it possible to see at which stage you are at a given moment. In addition to the large monthly list, try to make a list of businesses for a week and delete all items from it until Sunday. Thus, you’ll have some flexibility in your daily schedule.

Life hack # 8

A correct organization of space helps keep your thoughts in order. Usually a desktop is full with all sorts of unnecessary things. In most cases such mess in not inspiring, but terribly annoying. As soon as you put the papers in order and get rid of the trash, a feeling of freedom and control over things comes. As a consequence, you enjoy the order in your mind and manage your time more efficiently. Here is a wonderful piece of advice on how to prevent the accumulation of papers on your desktop. Hold every paper in your hands only once. You have to decide immediately the fate of each piece of paper: if it is not necessary – throw it away, if it is important – put it in a special folder, etc. Try to leave nothing to read when there will be 5 free minutes. You won’t have even one free minute. We are surrounded by an immense volume of information and we cannot physically read everything that is interesting to us.

Life hack # 9

A phrase “Follow Your Dream” has been heard so often recently that people don’t take it seriously any more. But there is one important moment here. About 10-15 years ago it seemed that everything was still ahead, and in order to start implementing your dream you need to wait until the stars stand up in the right way. However, the secret of achieving a dream is quite simple: your desire plus a correct scheduling of time and resources. The main thing many people fail to understand is that they have to start moving in a desirable direction right now without a minute of procrastination.