9 Powerful Life Hacks to Overcome Procrastination and Find Yourself One Step Closer to Your Dream

People start to master the art of procrastination in their early childhood and over the years these skills grow reaching an unprecedented level.



Internet Outages: Anything to Worry About?

Many of us cannot even think seriously about a possibility of staying without the Internet for even a few hours. However, what may happen if the Internet stops working for some reason?



Everyone Can Start a New Life. A Breathtaking Story of Khalil Rafati

In 2003 the American medics desperately tried to save the life of Khalil Rafati who was dying after the ninth overdose. Using the defibrillator they managed to save his life.



Killing Clowns: Do They Really Exist?

The USA and the UK experienced a true epidemic of clown attacks at the end of 2016. In many locations all over these countries ugly looking clowns frightened both children and adults. The problem was so serious that many schools stopped functioning until the police found the people who provoked panic dressing in clown clothes.

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