The research was conducted among the students of Oxford, Manchester and Cambridge universities that are considered the top educational establishments in the UK. LoveHoney presumed that one has to be pretty clever to study at one of these elite universities and immediately correlated the high IQ level with the high interest in sex. Such approach seems enough controversial anyway but it provoked a wave of public discussion in which even the students of the aforementioned universities participated. Alice Little, a former student of the Cambridge university, put forward the opinion that the results of the survey are credible in a certain regard. She admitted that sex in general and sex toys in particular are a perfect way to get rid of stress imposed by the everyday challenges of studying at elite universities. It is ridiculous to think the students aren’t aware of this fact.

“High-achievers aim for excellence in all areas of their life, so it makes sense that achieving sexual happiness is one of their goals”, she explained.

However, the LoveHoney research fails to explain the fact why people with high IQ have a less frequent sex in spite of their higher sex drive. The logic says the higher sex drive must lead to a more frequent sex to satisfy the need. Another research conducted back in 2007 in America revealed that 75% of American women and 80% of American males had sex before they achieved 19 years old. Instead, only 59% of Harvard students and 56% of Princeton students declared they had sex by the age of 19.

Many psychologists supported the survey pointing out that the smarter you are, the less frequent sex you are expected to have.
Commenting on the results of the LoveHoney research, psychologists say a high sex drive may be linked to high IQ for some evolutionary reasons that aren’t well understood so far. When the smart people breed more, it’s good because there are high chances to reproduce a smarter generation. But it never happens, largely because in our society smart people are more concerned with their own achievements in different areas of human activity. They strive to realize a higher potential they possess to achieve prominent professional results and don’t care too much about their breeding problems.