At that time he was 33 years old and lived on the Los Angeles streets. He was heavily dependent on cocaine, weighed 49 kg and his skin was all covered with sores.

Police arrested him so frequently that he didn’t even remember how many times it was. Being a drug addict, Khalil experienced such pain that he could barely sleep. He tried to give up drugs many times but only the ninth overdose finally made him realize that if he wanted to live he had to change his way of life immediately. Khalil spent four months in a rehabilitation center and since then he had never taken drugs again.

Having started a new life, Khalil forgot about drugs completely. Moreover, he became a millionaire and now owns his own business in California, a health food company named Sunlife Organics.

Annual sales of the company exceed 6 million dollars. The product lines include juices and clothes and are sold in six cafes. Also, Sunlife Organics sales actively through its website and develops ambitious expansion plans, namely to open ten outlets in the USA and Japan.

Khalil is 46 now and he has a personal plane. Without exaggeration, his way from a tramp sleeping inside the cardboard boxes on the streets to a businessman flying all over the world was incredibly long and difficult.

He was born in Ohio and his childhood was not easy. He dropped out of school without getting any education and very soon was arrested because of a shop theft. In 1992, being 21, Khalil moved to Los Angeles, dreaming of becoming a movie star.

However, his cinema career never began. Instead he began playing in local music bands and earned some money washing cars. However, he soon became dependent on drugs and his life got out of control. He ended up sleeping on the streets and earned for a new dose by selling drugs. But after the fatal ninth overdose, his life changed for the better. Coming out of rehabilitation center, he began working on several jobs at once.

He worked in a rehabilitation center in Malibu, washed cars, walked dogs and learned a profession of a gardener. He managed to save some money working seven days a week, 16 hours a day.

Once, after meeting his old friend from Ohio, Khalil was captured by the idea of producing his own juices from fruits and vegetables. His friend told him about vitamins and organic food. Khalil admitted that at that time he clung to everything that could help him feel better.

In 2007 he rented a house and opened his own rehabilitation center Riviera Recovery, whose clients paid 10 thousand dollars a month to stay there. Khalil invented his own fruit mix specially for his patients. It consisted of a banana, chopped tubers of Peruvian poppy plant, royal bee milk and pollen and was called Wolverine.

Very soon the glory of this drink spread far beyond the center and people began calling and asking whether it was possible to buy the drink.

Realizing that the demand was quite large, Khalil founded Sunlife Organics in 2011 together with his girlfriend and his best friend.

Using only their own funds, the company opened the first store in Malibu. Khalil says it was a real success since the sales amounted to $1 million during the first year.

Nowadays, more than 200 people are employed in six cafes of the company. Besides juices, you can buy healthy food and clothing there.

Khalil’s story may well be a scenario for a Hollywood film but actually it is a story of a man with a strong character who succeeded in overcoming many difficulties on his way to a better life.

No matter what your education or professional experience is, the success is determined by the firmness of your character, determination and ambitions.

Apart from Sunlife Organics, Khalil continues working in his rehabilitation center and runs his own yoga studio in Malibu.
He even had enough time and efforts to write an autobiography entitled “I forgot to die” released in 2015.

Despite all his achievements, Khalil is a very modest person and does not consider himself a super-intelligent one. But he has a true thirst for life and if he decides to take up any business, he devotes it all his time and strength.