Each society is more or less homophobic. Some may consider the problem has practically disappeared with the advent of civil marriage but it’s not true. To make the things clearer, imagine yourself a teenager who has recently realized he is gay.

From the earliest childhood he learns messages about a right way of behavior, compulsory life tasks everyone has to accomplish. Later he is expected to marry a right girl and to have kids and live a life of a respectable citizen. He learns that being gay is something terrible, he hears it now and then from his parents, at school or from religious organizations that are even more radical in this regard.

Full of shame to the utmost, he does everything possible to conceal the truth. However, not so many gays succeed in it. Sooner or later, the peers and relatives start notice something is wrong and treat his difference not in the most pleasant way. If such teen is strong enough and manages to live through all the mockery and he doesn’t get married, most likely he will find himself in the gay culture.

Gay clubs enjoy a surprisingly constant supply of men of all ages that are incredibly ashamed and look for a recognition, love and compassion. But the reality is that instead of support all these people over time frequently find their lives destroyed by alcohol, drugs and depression. A separate word should be said about those gays who appeared to be unlucky to become HIV positive because of various reasons, including an unsafe sex.

Of course, there are many gays who experience no shame meaning they live a merry and successful life. But on their background those who failed to achieve a success look even more miserable. The problem must be solved mutually by governments and organizations responsible for supporting such people. But until they realize the roots of the issue are hidden in a deep shame based on a society’s rejection, the deal is doomed to failure.