When you worked hard for a whole month to lose three excessive pounds and after two weeks without exercise you see them return not alone but with extra two pounds, it makes you feel like a cursed one doomed to exercise day and night to keep the result. Feeling like that is the first message you have to stop worrying and concentrate on yourself. Women of all ages face shame of weight regain and the problem is very disturbing.

What’s Wrong With Shame?

At a first glance, shame is a fine incentive to lose extra pounds. The logic here is simple. If one wants to look more slim and attractive and experience no shame with regard to the body weight, it’s critically important to change the way of live to achieve the goal. For instance, one has abandon fast food, start consuming healthy products and do more training. After that the changes are expected to come and the feeling of shame meaning constant stress is supposed to disappear.

Actually, it doesn’t work that way at all. Shame restricts you from moving ahead and doing specific steps to cope with the problem. Even worse, there is a direct correlation between the amount of shame you experience and the amount of efforts you apply to solve the problem. A shameful person falls into a deep despair that he cannot change anything and feels an increased helplessness that certainly deteriorates the whole situation and creates a vicious circle that may last for years. As a result, a person’s will to change something diminishes, while the weight increases.

The main reasons that lead to such situation are a panic fear of failure, prolonged depression, rapid acceptance of the new body weight, frustration prompting procrastination and a low self-esteem.

What Should You Do?

The first step for a woman to trigger the process of changes is to admit she experiences shame. Frequently it is very uneasy to make this step but nevertheless it is necessary. Say to yourself “I have no shame!” and start working. A firm decision of putting an end to the previous existence opens a way to the future success in weight loss.

You shouldn’t think you are alone on this way. If you feel the need for additional support, you may ask for a professional advice from psychologists. Similarly, if you feel some problems from your past don’t allow you move forward, get some counseling rather than try to cope with them independently.

There is no good in a decision to lost 25 pounds in a month. You need a detailed action plan. The one with clearly defined steps you must perform day by day. And don’t establish a very short time to achieve the goal. The period has to be reasonable and realistic, otherwise you’ll fail and find yourself even in worse condition than before.

Learn how to be pleased even with small and modest victories. Don’t expect a quick miracle since the process of losing weight is rather slow. Congratulate yourself with each lost pound and don’t stop working.

Get ready your shame may return as well as pounds. Don’t let this feeling bury your aspiration to succeed. Anyway, if it did happen, you have a strategy how to start all over again.