This sense is so deeply integrated in our life that we notice it no longer believing it’s a kind of a normal behavior. What’s matter? It looks really crazy but infidelity penetrated into many people and it doesn’t matter they are single, married, gay or straight. All they cheat.

Why does it happen?  Cheating has nothing to do with people we are cheating on. Mostly, it is directed on our beloved ones and sweethearts because they believe us. We lie less to our partners and bosses because they know you can do it protecting your own interests. People don’t understand that the lie ruins love because if they want to give love, they will not treat another person in a so horrible way.

We can compare cheating with the raping.   And it’s not about a sexual behavior, we are talking about the desire to control someone’s life and feel power over another person. Raping is like cheating, it’s equally destructive, pointless and weak.

It’s sad to say but a cheater even doesn’t like you, let alone your love. And of course, they don’t love themselves. Just imagine what a person feels, if he’s able to lie to get something he wants. It’s so selfish and we can say this person doesn’t love himself, not to mention about the love to another person. In fact, the cheaters are weak and they want to spread their sickness to the society because it’s the only way to show that this kind of behavior is common. A strong person looks straight into your eyes and says he loves you. How offended a person should be to reject trust? In other words, he hates you because you love him. So think well whether you deserve such attitude.

Even if you know that someone is cheating you, you shouldn’t listen to the excuses. Actually, they’re sure you are not worth the truth.  So maybe it’s time to run away as fast as you can and take it as a blessing that saves your life.

Some people say to themselves that it’s their fault they can’t see the “writings on the wall”. But why do you have to search for these writings? You have to enjoy your art of love and nothing else.

We have a message to the cheaters: Tell the truth. Give people the opportunity to make their choice.  Every day people die from diseases, so just give them freedom and let them live happily.

We also have a message for the sufferers:

If you accept all that lies, you are almost dead because you allow other people decide that they can have your love, your time, your trust, everything you have inside and get nothing instead.

If you want to be a healthy person, be honest with yourself. Don’t let the lie enter your life. So love yourself and do the things you are fond of.