The doctors still argue about the precise causes and in the meantime many people make a shocking discovery – they have stretch marks. The shame a person experiences is perhaps the first emotion in this situation. “It didn’t always look like this”, the woman thinks and starts to look for the answer why this happened.

Abdominal stretch marks are a common problem for women who completed their pregnancy. About ninety percent of all women have post-pregnancy stretches. Though the problem is so widely spread, each woman is convinced she is the only one who has these signs. But pregnant women aren’t the only privileged category. Women who have never been pregnant may have abdominal stretches as well as men.

How to Make Them Go Away?

Some of the stretch marks disappear and some don’t. Some of them become barely visible, while others remain forever. The one thing is clear for a woman: her body will never be the same again. That’s why shame of her body increases when the woman realizes it. The feeling becomes stronger when the woman compares herself to much younger girls and recollects the past days when she was like them. As a result, the woman comes to a conclusion that her sexuality incurred a great loss.

If you recognized yourself in the above description, we have to tell you something very important. Forget about the word shame. Thinking about all those negative things you overlook what you have received instead. It’s your child and the joy of motherhood. You are completely right, you will never get your former body back again. Don’t try to look like a supermodel every day. Now you have another, far more important mission – you are a mother. Motherhood is a perfect occasion for you to move beyond certain limits and become a better version of yourself.

Besides, remember that your children love their mother notwithstanding any stretch marks on your body. They just don’t care about it, so be like them and try not to hate yourself looking into the mirror next time.