Surely, one may feel pretty scared having looked out of the window and observing an ominous figure in ridiculous shoes and with a red nose, sneaking somewhere in the night. But are these circus performers really so dangerous?

Famous pop culture characters like Joker from Batman and Pennywize, a main antagonist of Stephen King’s novel “It”, provide us with many reasons to believe that the innocent participants of circus performances and children’s parties can really be very terrifying.

Apart from that, we have to admit that history knows some clowns that murdered people.

Serial killers

“Do you think I forgot? You’re still crying when you see Ronald McDonald on TV!
“But I’m not afraid of flying!”
“The planes fall!”
“And the clowns kill!”

John Wayne Gacy known as Killer Clown was the most terrible and perhaps the most famous of all killing clowns. He killed 33 people in a period from January 1972 to December 1978 and buried them in the basement of his house. His victims were young people and adolescent boys.

Being married twice, Gacy led a double life. He entertained children at parties in the daytime, playing the role of a merry and kind Clown Pogo, took part in different parades and processions and amused patients in hospitals. He was even an active participant of fundraising campaigns for the Democratic Party in Illinois.

But at night he turned into a completely different person. He lured young people to his house and tortured and raped them for a long time. Gacy used to read Bible to his victims during torturing.

Gacy was sentenced to death by inputting a lethal injection into his organism. Until the very death he counted on the possibility of pardoning and finally died without repentance in his terrible actions. However, it should be noted that he never committed murders in his clown suit.

Except of killing, politics was Gacy’s another passion. There is even a photo where he poses together with the wife of the future President Jimmy Carter. Ironically, the profession of politician provided the mankind with a far more larger number of mass murderers than the profession of a clown.

Smiling Shooter

It took more than 10 years before a real clown-killer appeared. Marlene Warren was mortally wounded by a clown who knocked at the door of her house in Florida with a bouquet of flowers and two balloons in his hands.

When the woman opened the door, the clown fired at her and quickly disappeared driving a car without a license plate. The balloons were left near the victim. There was an inscription on one of them: “You are the best!”

Many years have passed since that day but the mystery of Marlene Warren murder is not unraveled until now. No one knows who was hiding behind the smiling clown mask.

The list of murders committed by clowns wouldn’t be a complete one without another loud crime that happened in Mexico.

Murder of the criminal boss

Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix celebrated his 64th birthday in his own house located in the Mexican state of Baja California. Suddenly, a red nosed clown in a pink wig appeared among the guests and killed the man.

But Francisco was not an accidental victim at all. He once controlled all drug trafficking on the US-Mexican border and was a friend of many well-known politicians and sportsmen. However, by the time of the murder, Francisco’s criminal gang had already lost a significant market share and much of its influence.

It’s still unclear why the killer chose the clown’s costume to conceal his identity and what was the exact reason of the murder.

Should we beware of the clowns?

Considering that the quantity of clown killers during the last century was extremely small, it makes no sense in being afraid of them, especially considering the current mass attack of clowns that is mainly aimed at playing havoc.

Between 1972, when Gacy just began his bloody career, and 1990, when Marlene Warren was shot dead in her home, the number of murders committed by clowns in the United States was 0.0088% of the total number of such crimes. At the same time, the number of doctors who turned out to be serial killers was twice as large during the same period.

Therefore, statistically, you have larger chances of being killed by your family doctor, than of being shot by the eerie clown waiting for you in the gateway.

So, what is all that fuss about, really?!