The ritual scarification exists in many cultures all over the world. Scarification was largely spread in Africa and Australia.

The majority of the population of these places has black skin where the tattoo is very hard to notice. For this reason people decorated the scars with jewelry that made them clearly visible on the black skin.

People believed that scarification was a part of the ritual. It rooted out from the times of the slave period.  Slaves were marked by a hot iron stamp that clearly showed they belong to a particular owner. Besides, many traditions are associated with scarification. Nowadays scarification is a method of artistic performance realization. It’s rather a simulation of the real scars made by artificial methods.

Scarification is a kind of body art. But not everyone dares to experiment with scars to make a picture. It’s a quite exotic way to stand out. Still, a lot of people consider it a true art. Only a few people from a hundred choose scarification to decorate their bodies.  In fact, tattoos seem like a fun, compared to making scarification on one’s face or body.


Types and methods of scarification

  • Stamping and burning (branding). This method includes not only burns but also combined drawings with the lines that are separately applied. This method is suitable for back scarification.
  • Cautery branding. A special thermal cautery tool is used to make scars.
  • Laser branding. In this case a burning effect is created by a laser.
  • Cold branding means a scar appears under the impact of a very low temperature.
  • Cutting is performed for cosmetic purposes.
  • Skin removal is the most popular method today. Using this method, the masters achieve clear contours, clean lines and precise details. It is made with a scalpel.
  • Packing as a method of Scarification originates from Africa. It was a ritual there and nowadays it is common in the West. The Africans filled the cuts with different substances, for example, the ash. For this purpose the remnants of the dead relatives were used. When the wound heals, a keloid scar is formed. This method is used for wrist scarification.
  • Sometimes the cut is rubbed by tattoo pigment, so a picture under the skin appears after healing. But that’s not very nice because the picture is blurry. This method is called ink rubbing.

How is scarification made?

The staged application of scarification may be seen on different photos that depict all main phases of the process. If you want to become a professional in applying scarification, mere photos are not enough but they may help those who are hesitating whether to do scarification or not.

Anesthesia is one of the important steps during scarification. Master that is going to make you scarification has to be sure you have no allergies and contraindications to any painkillers before the start of the procedure.

Of course, interests and hobbies are not the main factors influencing the choice of designs and drawings. Pattern is very important too.

Usually scarification is done in risky areas of the body around important blood vessels or where blood vessels are very close to the skin. That’s why it is so important to apply to the professionals of scarification. Never do it at home, otherwise you can damage the vital veins and arteries which may cause death.



Healing Process 

Scarification requires much larger cash expenditures, compared to the ordinary tattoo. The price depends on the complexity and size of the picture. But even if you do not like the price, do not take risk of doing scarification at home. Such process cannot be successful without certain knowledge in surgery and medicine and requires appropriate sanitary conditions and complete sterility of all instruments. There is also a possibility of a hard pain and traumatic shock during the anesthesia. In such case you’ll need a professional medical help.

As you see, it’s impossible to ensure such conditions at home.

There are no standards in terms of the healing the scares. It depends on many things. The size of the damaged tissue as well as the very method of scarification and individual characteristics of the organism is the main factor influencing the healing process.

While healing is not fully completed, begin your day in a complete sterility and cleanliness. If you do not perform this requirement, you can get infection easily.