In order to develop muscles the professional men bodybuilders obtain, a woman needs to have an appropriate genetic predisposition and practice intensive long-term trainings. But even these two conditions are of no use if the woman doesn’t support an increased level of testosterone in her organism. And this is exactly the point where a terrible truth hides.

Power exercises practiced more than five times a week represent a serious danger to the health of any woman. Female bodybuilders often suffer from nutrition disorders, distorted perception of their own body and numerous complications caused by the unreasonable use of steroid hormones.

The truth of female bodybuilding nowadays is that female bodybuilders are dependent on the needle just like men. This is the easiest way to build powerful muscles. But hormones cause more severe and irreversible symptoms of masculinization in the bodies and souls of women. Femininity is taken away not by muscles but by steroids.

Male hormone testosterone causes a significant harm to the woman’s health. Normally, testosterone is produced by the female organism in very limited amounts. Minimal doses of this sex hormone that get into the blood stimulate muscle growth, improve regenerative processes in various tissues, reduce the possibility of osteoporosis development and speed up the metabolism. In its natural quantities testosterone does not exert any negative effect on the female body.

The abuse of steroid hormones is typical for female athletes today. Huge doses of synthetic testosterone analogues suppress the production of female sex hormones and provoke effects that do not improve the woman’s appearance at all.

Increased growth of hair on the body and on the face is perhaps the first noticeable effect of steroids abuse by the female bodybuilder. Hair grows on the chin, upper lip, arms, legs and even on the chest. The biggest trouble is with the perineum: hair grows incredibly quickly in this place. It is necessary to depilate it almost every day for the rest of the life.

Skin defects are first and foremost manifested by a huge amount of red acne appearing on the face, shoulders and back. Moreover, the skin becomes drier, with clearly visible laces of veins on the pumped muscles.

Testosterone affects the female sweat glands, changing the composition and enhancing a secretion of sweat. The odor becomes extremely strong and unpleasant, like in a man after a long active workout.

Another inconvenience is vaginal discharges that in ordinary women become abundant only during the highest sexual arousal. But for female bodybuilders increased vaginal secretion occurs continuously creating a lot of problems and becoming a nightmare. It is not a disease, nor an infection; it’s just a physiological disorder that disappears when a woman stops taking steroids.

But there is a problem that remains even after steroids are taken no longer. In case a process of taking steroids lasts for many years, the female bodybuilder faces a growing risk to end up with the terrific enlargement of clitoris to unnatural size. Actually, in a state of sexual arousal the clitoris enlarges even more due to the inflow of blood to it and looks almost like a small male penis during an erection. Unfortunately, this process is irreversible. One has to obtain really strong nerves looking at the woman with a penis!

Female bodybuilders admit that increased clitoris allows them experience a more intensive orgasm. Sometimes its sensitivity increases so much that climbing the stairs in tight jeans becomes a true problem due to the unbearable excitement.