He was that kind of a boy that girls fall in love with at a first sight.  But one day everything changed and Andrew Gorbatyuk became a new dark star of a great demand on TV and different parties. People call him a dark elf.


It started when one common day he came home with fangs.  “Why not?”, Andrew explained to his mother, “local dentist made them for only 70$ and I just wanted not to be like everyone else, besides I like experiments with my body”.


But that wasn’t the last experiment. The next step was to make a snake’s tongue, then he changed the shape of his ears and they became elongated like in a pixie.  He also made the eye tattoo and now the whites of the eyes are black.

As Andrew says, it’s not a very painful process, besides he knows a tattoo master who specializes in the eyes tattoos, so the latter did everything practically for free. We noticed that the tattoo specialist has no medical education. He is a mechanic by profession but also an owner of a tattoo salon. Fortunately, everything went smoothly and vision was not damaged.

All the experiments cost less than $1.000 but it’s not a small amount for Ukrainian student that has no job. Of course, the main part of this amount Andrew saved from pocket money that his mother used to give him.


His mother is pretty shocked but she can do nothing because her son is an adult person and is responsible for his life and actions.


Many people have interviews with Andrew and they notice he is a smart young man pursuing a healthy lifestyle.  He realizes all his changes and considers that looking in such a way in 21 is normal, but in future, if there will be a need, he can change back everything except the eyes – they’ll remain black forever. Now the way he looks doesn’t meet his future profession, so he stopped studying at the university.

Talking about his future, the boy sees himself as a show man on TV or any other related field. He has a girlfriend from the USA and plans to realize himself in America.