The biggest breasts in the world

World’s biggest breasts: a record of natural body

Ting Hiafen was only 14 years old and many women are convinced she is a lucky one to have the largest breasts in the world. But in fact, Ting Hiafen considers her body a punishment because such incredible size doesn’t let her live the common life and besides there is a danger of the ribs fracture.

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Ting Hiafen

Each of her breasts weights over 10 kg and local doctors can do nothing with it. Meanwhile the girl lost her friends and the peers began to mock. One Chinese professor supposed that girl’s breasts grew so large because of hormonal disorders, so he advised surgery operation. Ting underwent mammoplasty successfully, after which the breasts stopped growing.

Ting Hiafen


According to Ting, there is nothing in her life that brings such inconveniences as her “lady’s charms”. The first reason is that she feels the pain in her back all the time. She has to sew bras of her size making a special order, besides she has to sleep only on her back. But the main inconvenience is the psychological pressure. She is a young girl with no friends. All the girls consider her a monster, while boys giggle calling her a cash cow.


Now the girl is 21 years old. The Internet is full with her candid pictures where Ting looks quite happy and probably secured. In any case, the owner of the world’s biggest breasts will always be in demand as a model for a variety of magazines.

Ting Hiafen