Her original cup size was A. At the moment the alphabet is barely enough to describe her present size. To help you understand this is a size Z.

Read about a Cheneese girls that is owner of the Worlf Record: The biggest natural breast.

Of course, we’ll say nothing about the beauty in this article, there are a few people who like human’s body changed so radically. Rather, we are more interested in telling you how a woman manages to live with such breasts.

So, try to imagine how it feels to have breasts of 20 pounds each in front of you.
Girls who have breasts large enough know that till the end of day they feel pain in their back. But Mayara Hills, it’s a name of this extraordinary woman, claims she experiences no problems with it because every day she performs physical exercises that strengthen the muscle corset of her back.

Imagine also another situation. Such huge breasts may disappear in a literal sense of its word. Connective tissue cannot withstand such weight, so there is a threat that the breath can simply drop down.

Another common problem is concerns clothing. She has to wear unique dresses, because it is impossible to buy such large items in the store. Clothing manufacturers don’t produce outfits of such sizes, thus the model wears only the clothes she ordered.

Do you like sleeping on your stomach? Mayara Hills cannot do it even she wants to.

But all these inconveniences are compensated by an increasing popularity. The model is ready to pay the price for the sake of people’s reaction and recognition.

Apart from her breasts, the model changes other parts of her body. She uses Botox to make her face look younger.

Despite the super-sized breasts, the star has not obtained a world record yet, because the first place belongs to the American porn star Maxi Mounds.

Of course, increasing of her breasts was not legal but the woman decided to become a unique model and no one could stop her.

It’s worth noting that it’s not so easy to get rid of the implants. The body will be extremely stretched and the spine will be curved after such weight.