The people who feel guilty are frequently convinced that sex is something unclean or even sinful and reject it.

Sigmund Freud, a famous psychoanalyst, was the first scientist who studied and developed a notion of human shame provoked by sexual activity.

A lot of psychologists reject the ideas Freud came up with even nowadays. However, a Freudian approach is a perfect platform for understanding a concept of a sexual guilt. In particular, Freud insisted that a sexual instinct is one of the key factors that determine the behavior of the individual as well as his personality formation.

Every child encounters numerous signals that teach how to express a sexual desire in a way that is acceptable in a given social environment. Additionally, the child learns both right and wrong ways of expressing the attitude regarding sexual matters.

There are many obstacles that prevent the child from relieving his fundamental desires freely. Freud concluded that the human personality may be formed in three different aspects under the influence of these obstacles – id, ego and super ego.

Id is the only component of personality that is available since the very birth. This aspect is completely unconscious and includes instinctive and primitive forms of behavior, including sex behavior patterns. According to Freud, the id is the source of all psychic energy, making it a major component of personality.

Ego is a component of personality that is responsible for interaction with reality. Freud believed that ego develops out of the id and ensures that the impulses generated by the id can be expressed in a manner acceptable in the real world.

Superego is the aspect of personality which contains all the moral norms, values and ideals we have. We receive them from both parents and society and they form our sense of right and wrong. Superego provides a framework in which we make decisions. According to Freud, the superego manifests itself in the age of five years. Superego is aimed at building a better and more civilized pattern of behavior. It tries to prevent any unacceptable impulses of id and make ego act according to the idealistic, not realistic principles.

When a person ignores the principles of superego, a feeling of guilt appears. It may be also accompanied by a profound feeling of remorse that is changed by anger resulting in a loss of self-esteem in many cases. Meanwhile, a person may not perform forbidden sexual actions. Frequently a single fantasy about it is enough to start feeling shame.