Fantasy #1: Sex with Madonna

We don’t think that women will like it. And how can they be fond of it when during the sex their partners are thinking about Angelina Jolie or Britney Spears? Scientists say that sexual contacts with unknown but attractive women are the most popular erotic fantasy of many men.

In fact, men themselves claim that this statement is only a myth. Men are definitely not an alliance and they have such feeling as their girlfriend and wife. For the majority of them, it is enough to have a sexual relationship with one partner only. Men also admit that if they manage to find the woman of their life, they don’t need to dream about anyone else.

Fantasy #2: More Is Better Than Less

Sexologists argue that men often dream about making sex with two different women of various skin color and figure. Scientists include the fantasies where men change sexual partners to this group too. However, men say that this dream is more a myth than a real fantasy. But as we know, currently there are many swing clubs and dating sites where it’s easy to find visitors who decided to have sex with many partners. So we think that men tend to lie.

About 45% of respondents admit that they can’t have sex with several women at once because they simply have no physical endurance. When it comes to the group sex, we have to note that almost all men are the owners by nature and they cannot observe their girlfriend or wife having sex with another man. That’s why men always talk much about the group sex but when the time to act comes, they are not so brave.

Fantasy #3: Yes, Yes, More, O Yeah!

Sexologists are convinced that men experience a very strong arousal during the sexual contact, if woman begins to show her passion crying something like “yes! more! oh, yes!”
But as it turns out in reality, men say that this trick is not necessary. Moreover, it’s really annoying when a woman screams like in a cheap porn film and after the words like “You can ride on me to Zimbabwe” or “Dive into my super massive black hole” a man may lose even the most persistent erection. The word “More” acts as a signal that makes a man think he would rather die in the process than delivers her a pleasure she desires.

Fantasy #4: The Third Is Not a Crowd

Another common myth is a suggestion that almost all men want to try exhibitionism. Reading these “facts”, many women really think that men love doing this, but actually a man who has fantasies about this can’t make sex outdoors even with his partner. It’s explained by the fact that all men are very jealous and they are not so brave to show their women and their sexual practice to all people. So we can claim that this fantasy is real but only in someone’s dreams.

Fantasy #5: The Other Side

There is a widely spread belief that men enjoy anal sex. Such desire is quite common among men, but there are exceptions. Many men believe that the king of sex is dirty, so they are really ashamed to offer it to their partners. The research revealed that some men will even say no, if their partner asks about such practice. To do this, a man has to be not only sure of himself, but also feel relaxed in bed. There are not so many men of such kind in a real life. If a man fears that his girlfriend sooner or later will offer to try anal sex, he will better prepare a few toys from a sex shop for such occasion.

Fantasy #6: Latex and Rubber

When we talk about sex toys, it’s worth noting that men greatly admire various unusual kinds of accessories. According to the experts, men don’t mind to spend their time with a rubber girlfriend aimed at replacing a real partner and practically instantly get an orgasm having seen a woman in a lingerie. Indeed, these thoughts do occur, but they are not among common erotic fantasies of men.

Fantasy #7: Gentle and Affectionate Beast

The studies show that almost all men have no fantasies about sadomasochistic scenes. Inherently, men are quite gentle “animals” that can’t hurt the woman they love.
Often men don’t feel delight from a sexual contact with a brutal force. And even if men have such dreams, they almost always imagine themselves not as tyrant, but in the role of a slave.

Fantasy #8: Sex in Hammock

Sexologists convince that every second man feels dizzy simply thinking about sex in unusual places. They believe that sex in a car, in the forest, in the midst of a party or in a sauna has always attracted and continue to attract the attention of men.
Actually, not so many men agree to such extreme. And it’s no wonder. Would you undress to have sex in a dark forest knowing that you will be immediately bitten by mosquitoes? Or would you enjoy oral sex in a car driving at a very high speed? Well, we don’t think that your partner will like such adventures.

Fantasy #9: Eating Food in Bed

Fresh strawberries and chocolate may leave dirty stains on your bedclothes, so in reality men say no to such experiments. None of the men dreams about being smeared in jam lying in bed. But if a girl brings something delicious to a bed after sex, her partner will undoubtedly be grateful.

Fantasy #10: Sex with a Prostitute

We do not deny that a man enjoys literally an unlimited choice having sexual contacts with the prostitutes. Today he spends his time with a plump redhead and tomorrow he will choose a slim brunette. But it’s almost a fantasy while in real life men are afraid to get some kind of venereal disease. However, even despite this fact, about 50% of men had a sexual contact with the prostitute. A lot of men admit they used to do it in their youth. It’s also worth noting that none of the men said he had an erotic fantasy about it.