Generally, the size of clitoris varies greatly among women. For example, the length of clitoris of white women is about 2 centimeters on average, while each of the 300 black women has clitoris of about 8 centimeters. The case was registered when a woman’s clitoris reached about 18 centimeters in length. But the record belongs to a clitoris with 30 centimeters in length. Similarly, the smallest clitoris ever registered was only 2 millimeters long.

A phenomenon when the size of the clitoris significantly exceeds normal dimensions is known as clitoromegaly. Actually, clitoromegaly is quite rare. Its extreme point is such increase of the clitoris when it starts resembling a penis of man.

This peculiarity of the clitoris can be either congenital or acquired. The reasons for congenital clitoromegaly include:

• hereditary factor (like Fraser syndrome);

• excessive activity of the adrenal glands leading to the release of excessive amounts of the androgen hormone.

When clitoromegaly develops in adult women, the doctors usually outline the following reasons:

• presence of clitoris cysts;

• hormonal violations that may occur due to the diseases like a polycystic ovary syndrome or arrhenoblastoma;

• the use of anabolic steroids.

Only in very rare cases clitoromegaly is not accompanied by hormonal disorders.

Abnormal size of clitoris in most cases is the result of violations in the organism functioning. However, in some situations women themselves provoke the development of this anomaly. The use of anabolic steroids, the substances which are similar to the hormone testosterone, may contribute greatly to it.

Sometimes women have to take steroids to treat some diseases. For instance, these substances may be used to normalize sex life and stimulate sex drive. If the use of steroids resulted in an increase of the clitoris, a woman should consult a doctor immediately. A specialist may recommend change the dose of the drugs or even refuse to receive them.

Bodybuilding is another possible way for women to receive an increased clitoris. Again, it happens due to the steroids overuse.

To make their muscles look more clear-cut, many athletes frequently use anabolic steroids. The impact of these substances on the human body has two sides. On the one hand, steroids help sportsmen build an increased muscle mass, reduce body fat and strengthen the bones tissue. It is of primary importance for people involved in bodybuilding. But on the other hand, such phenomenon as androgenic activity or masculinization develops. Masculinization provokes the emergence of secondary male sexual characteristics in women. One of the manifestations of masculinization is clitoromegaly.

In the majority of cases clitoromegaly is a consequence of hormonal problems inside the female organism. If the increasing the clitoris is the result of significant changes in hormonal level, it is necessary to normalize it. Otherwise, the malfunctions of other organs and body systems are possible. Strong hormonal changes may cause infertility as well as kidney and heart diseases.